Weekly Grocery Trip

Thank you to Lotus Trolley Bag for providing free product for this post. The opinions expressed below are 100% my own.

Getting groceries into my home is a big deal. I really wish it wasn’t, and it won’t be soon, but it is right now. We currently live on the third floor of an apartment building and the stairs are outside in the Arizona heat, plus we have a toddler. So getting groceries up the stairs in one trip is ideal, but it doesn’t always happen.

During my weekly grocery trip, I usually use a collapsible cooler bag, and just stuff it with everything and lug it up the stairs. Even if it’s heavy, it’s not too bad if I use both hands. But with a toddler, I need one hand free to spot him as he goes up the stairs, so it can get pretty heavy. Plus, he usually likes to slowly dawdle up the stairs, so the bag gets even heavier as I do my best to patiently wait.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Lotus Trolley Bag. Upon first opening it, I was convinced that this wasn’t going to make my trips any easier, but I gave it go.

The Lotus Trolley Bag is a set of four bags that roll up into an easy to carry handle when not in use. I am able to keep it in the back of my car until I go to the grocery store.

Lotus Trolley Bag - Weekly Grocery Trip

One Thing I Didn’t Like

At the grocery store, you can strap the bags to the handle, so they don’t take up space in the cart while you shop. Initially, I thought this was a cool feature, but I quickly changed my mind. This is one thing I was self-conscious about. The bags come on rods so that bagging your grocery items at checkout is super simple. The rods make the bags stay open without falling into the cart, but in order for this to work the rods need to be wider than the cart. Since the rods are wider than the cart, I felt at times like I was going to hit somebody with it or knock something off of the shelf. So I keep the bags in the cart now until I get to check out.

Lotus Trolley Bag - Weekly Grocery Trip

What I Love About the Lotus Trolley Bag

First, the obvious, they are eco-friendly and reduce the use of plastic bags.

Second, it’s like a file for your groceries. It’s so easy to organize how you put groceries in the cart. One of the bags is a cooler insulated bag. One of the bags has two slots for intended for wine bottles. We don’t have wine in the house often, so we use them as our kombucha bottle slots. Additionally, there is a slot for an egg carton, to keep it from getting crushed. With the exception of the insulated bag, the bags come with mesh bottoms, which is a nice feature, especially when you buy wet produce and you want your bag to dry quickly after use.

Lotus Trolley Bag - Weekly Grocery Trip

Third, the bags are big. You can easily fit a week’s worth of groceries in them with a lot of room to spare. I didn’t come close to filling these up with my weekly trip to Sprouts.

Last, but best of all, I was so delighted to find that carrying these from my car up to our apartment was effortless. The handles are big enough on the bags that I could put them on my shoulders and still have my hands free to help my toddler up the stairs. Since there are four bags, my groceries were evenly dispersed and didn’t seem too heavy.

Do you do a weekly grocery trip?

In our house, we do one big weekly grocery trip and a few small trips here and there, if needed. Are you a daily shopper? Or do you go weekly? Or perhaps monthly? Share below.

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  1. Back in Uk i shopped weekly. Here in India i shop monthly. I really liked the bag though

    • Thanks for sharing! I wish I could get away with doing a monthly shop. I am enjoying the bag though.

  2. Ive never heard of this bag. It looks so cool and I can definitely see how it could be useful for shopping trips. Thanks

    • It is very useful. Thanks for reading!

  3. We do one big trip about once every six weeks, and smaller stops at our small little market every two weeks. I love the different compartments in the bags–the cooler, egg, wine sections. What a great idea!

    • Thanks for sharing your grocery habits! I agree I think the bags were well thought out.

  4. What a cool bag! I always tend to forget my reusable bags. I like how sturdy they look too!

    • I know what you mean, I always forget my reusable bags unless I keep them in my car. The bags do seem sturdy so far.

  5. This seems like the ultimate reusable shopping bags. I love the different compartments and the fact that you can use carry them on your shoulders. I also love the colours!

    • The ultimate reusable shopping bag is a great term for it. You can tell they thought about the design and function of the bag before producing it. One thing I failed to mention in my blog are the colors. I agree the colors are so pretty!

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