Keeping Cool in the Arizona Summer Heat

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It gets hot in Arizona. The high last week was 115°…ick! Keeping cool in the Arizona summer heat is a must. Besides the obvious of making sure I’m fully hydrated and dressing in shorts and a tank top all summer, I enjoy having a cool drink that’s not water to tote around with me.

How to Make Iced Tea to Go:

Being a mama to an almost 2-year-old,  I don’t always have time to do things for myself, and when I do it’s got to be quick. So I am going to share how I make myself a to-go mug of fresh iced tea in 5 minutes or less.

I have the toasTEA travel infuser in blush. This travel mug is made specifically for loose leaf tea. There is a built-in tea infuser in the lid, which makes this mug so convenient. The double-walled stainless steel keeps my iced tea cool, even after sitting in my hot car.

Start by placing loose leaf tea in the infuser.

Keeping Cool in the Arizona Summer Heat

Fill the mug halfway with hot water.

Securely put the lid on the mug, with the infuser basket installed, and flip the mug upside down.

Keeping Cool in the Arizona Summer Heat

Let the tea brew for the recommended amount of time. The tea I’m using only takes 2 minutes.

When the tea is ready, flip the mug upright. Take off the lid, add a small amount of honey, stir, and then fill the remaining space in the mug with ice cubes. The honey is optional, but if you do add it, put it in before the ice cubes, that way it can disperse evenly throughout the tea instead of clumping up.

Keeping Cool in the Arizona Summer Heat

Once the lid has had a moment to cool down, I take off the infuser basket and place the lid on the mug. Now my tea will stay nice and cool, even if I forget about it.

What Tea I Am Using:

Keeping Cool in the Arizona Summer Heat

My favorite tea always is earl grey. Translating that into a summertime iced tea, I chose Earl Grey Green. It is beautifully balanced with the citrusy bergamot and refreshing green tea.

When I think of cooling down, I think of mint, so I appreciate taking a sip of Casablanca Twist. This minty treat is calming and smooth.


The toasTEA travel mug currently comes with matcha sticks for free. The matcha sticks are awesome because you can enjoy matcha on the go. Just drop the contents into the travel mug, add water, securely put on the lid, shake, and time to enjoy the time-honored flavor of matcha.

Keeping Cool in the Arizona Summer Heat

What’s your favorite iced tea?

Please share. I love learning what other’s enjoy for a summertime refreshment.

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