25 Reasons to Celebrate Being Gluten Free

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Being gluten free doesn’t have to mean sacrificing delicious treats. This is a quick guide to keep you eating clean and enjoying amazing gluten free desserts, muffins, and pancakes in minutes.

Gluten Free Desserts and Treats – Where to Start:

I’ve been eating gluten free and paleo for more than four years. Now I’m not always 100% eating this way because I’m human, but I try my best because I believe the foods we choose greatly affect our health. Going gluten free and paleo, changed my health drastically, but more on that another time. Right now, I’m talking about gluten free goodies that are delectable, with the bonus of falling under the category of clean eating. Let’s start with an amazing gluten free flour.

25 Recipes to Celebrate Being Gluten Free

Gluten Free Flour

One of my favorite gluten free flours is coconut flour. You can usually get coconut flour in most grocery stores. Coconut flour is high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. If you haven’t used coconut flour before it can be challenging because you need to account for how much moisture coconut flour absorbs. It absorbs a lot! If you use too much and not enough liquid ingredients, it comes out crumbly and dry.

Recipes that Work

Instead of wasting your time experimenting with coconut flour, find recipes that know how to utilize coconut flour properly. My Dutch baby pancake and my no-bake strawberry coconut squares use coconut flour but are luscious and no where near dry. Even though I have an understanding of how coconut flour works, I love to find what other recipes are out there.

I recently came across a beautifully written and easy-to-follow ebook that focuses solely on using coconut flour. The book features how to make muffins, pancakes, and mug cakes. All gluten-free of course. Plus, all but one (corn muffin) recipe is paleo!


My favorite part about this book are the muffins. They are so delicious and moist, you have no idea that they are gluten free. I make the pumpkin muffins a lot because they are my toddlers favorite so far. I usually make them in a mini muffin tin so they are just his size, plus they make a nice little bite-sized on the go treat for me and my husband.

25 Reasons to Celebrate Being Gluten Free

Mug Cakes

The mug cakes in this book are perfect for when you have a random craving for something sweet and you want it now. They literally take minutes to make. I recently made the chocolate mug cake in this book. I opted to not include chocolate chips, but I topped it off with a few sweetheart cherries and a drizzle of my vanilla coconut milk.

25 Reasons to Celebrate Being Gluten Free


I’ll be honest, I haven’t had a chance to make the pancakes in the ebook yet, but that’s only because my husband and I already have that area covered. We have a lot of pancake recipes that we love that use coconut flour. I’ll be adding them periodically, so check back soon. Based on the muffin and mug cake recipes, I can only imagine that they are amazing. I’ve included a video from the author of the ebook, Regina Braun, that shows just how easy her pancakes are. They look so fluffy and appetizing!

25+ Coconut Flour Recipes in One Book

Tempting treats shouldn’t hold you back when you are gluten free or paleo. Embrace being gluten free, plus now you have 25 more reasons to celebrate it! Check out Regina Braun’s ebook today.

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  1. I used coconut flour for the first time last night and learned very quickly that it absorbs liquids! I may give this cookbook a try, as I’m working toward a cleaner style of eating. Thanks!

    • Haha… it sure does absorb a lot of liquids! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I don’t know anything about paleo but I am gluten free and I don’t feel like I have had to give much up. I have celiac so I have to be 100% gluten free but there is still plenty of good food out there.

    • I agree there is plenty of amazing food out there. For me, I have not been diagnosed as a celiac, but gluten along with a lot of other foods affect my body negatively. So I do my best to avoid it, but as a person who chooses to eat paleo I also eat no grains, no dairy, no refined sugars, and no legumes, so my list of “treats” is a little smaller. I may reword this post to reflect the many ways one can use coconut flour, instead of focusing on the gluten free aspect. Thanks for your input!

  3. I am celiac and I haven’t found that I miss out on too many foods. I find that we are able to eat gluten free naturally, most of the time without substitutions for “gluten free” products. I do really enjoy coconut flour, though!

    • I’m glad you are able to eat gluten free naturally. I miss baking sometimes, that’s why I love being able to use coconut flour.

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